Connecting Talents with great jobs and great companies

Our mission is to help employers attract the right Talents – and we’re well on the way to doing so.

Day by day, we add value to our client’s business by operating cost-effective and flexible recruitment packages along with honesty and integrity. In addition, we continually re-evaluate our business by enhancing our processes to offer you the best possible service.

By adopting our clients’ culture and working practices, our service will be measured and accountable providing the foundations for a profitable and strong business partnership for both parties.

Our vast reach makes sure that job seekers do not miss an opportunity and employers don’t miss the available Talent.


The global economy fluctuates, market dynamics shift overnight. As a result, the way we do business is in constant flux. However, we do know that no business can operate without its people. That’s why strategic workforce planning is vital for now and the future it may hold.

With these global shifts happening towards the Job Industry, It only makes sense for both employers and employees to embrace the trend and teach it in their discovery process. The New Labour Paradigm is no longer the future of work. It is already here. And we genuinely believe in it.

Our values are reflected in everything we do, every day, all over the world. They’re an integral part of our business and help set us apart from our competitors. They form a platform for our methods, approach to business.

We connect job-providers and job-seekers worldwide based on our search algorithm, which matches them intelligently
  • Reach out to our constantly growing network of qualified job seekers
  • Tap into our network of trusted partners to match your job postings to the suitable candidates
  • Innovative job search platform based on AI technologies
  • Create a perfect CV in just a few steps
  • Get Job Alerts straight to your inbox
  • Manage your team, job ads, and applications on-site, or via app anywhere you like
The Team

We have worked on large job sites. Each key person of The Team has at least 10 years of experience in the job industry, from programmers developing Hiring AI to senior management who have launched more than one commercially successful job product. The entire background of the team is consolidated and aimed at a new milestone in the development of the Job Industry - recruiting Talents for the minimum time and money.

Talentin was born to help businesses distribute job postings affordably and recruit Talents they need to achieve. We founded Talentin in 2021 to assist suitable candidates in matching with the right career opportunities regardless of which part of the world they are based in.

In the complicated world of finding the best Talent, our unparalleled recruiting expertise means the people you want to talk to are already talking to us.